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mysexySatGreetings! I’m Alexis Alvarez, and welcome to My Sexy Saturday. There are ton of awesome authors on the hop today, so there are going to be plenty of books to add to your ‘must read’ list. I’d like to entice you with a sample from Dream Girl, my latest release, a romance novel that shows what should happen on one of those ridiculous reality TV dating game shows. Of course, I make it smarter, sexier, and kinkier than anything you’ll see on prime time, but not quite as steamy and racy as watch my gf sex or other adult sites like tubevideoshd.xxx (https://www.tubevideoshd.xxx/) I don’t think. We’re asked to share 7 words, sentences or paragraphs. I like to go big, so it’s 7 paragraphs for you today.

Excerpt from Dream Girl

“There’s nothing sideshow about how I feel when I’m with you, Trip,” said Dominic, framing her face with both of his strong hands, and rubbing both thumbs at the sides of her mouth. “I have more of a main event in mind.”

One hand strayed upward into her hair, stroking and rubbing the back of her neck, pulling her even closer until their lips were nearly touching. Chloe felt his warm breath on her lips and smelled his unique scent mixed with his spicy cologne. Her heart was beating so fast, and her lower belly tingled with anticipation. She felt an ache between her legs, too. It would be good with him, wouldn’t it? No-it would be fantastic. She was dying to let their lips meet and let go to the mind-blowing passion he awoke in her body. She wanted him. She wanted his lips, his hands, his dominance, all of the sexy kinky promises he kept whispering to her. She wanted it all.

His lips brushed hers, just for a second, and all of her nerves jangled. Adrenaline suffused her body. “Just one kiss,” he murmured into her lips. “Let me have just one kiss. I know you hate the cameras, and this is our one chance at privacy right now. Ever since I met you I’ve been dying to kiss your soft lips. You’ve been driving me crazy since that first day. You told me you weren’t going to kiss me, but I want to show you how it can be with us.”

Chloe felt her body melting into his. He kept rubbing the back of her neck with one hand, and now he moved his lips down and gently nipped at the tender skin on her neck. Chloe made a small moan.

“I can’t keep my eyes off of you,” he admitted roughly. “You blew my mind at the stable, standing there in your hot red dress and those crazy work boots, acting all sassy. You were so fucking sexy, Trip. I wanted to grab you right there and tear off that tight, teasing dress, take off those boots, and run my hands all over your body. And when you fell off that boat, I was fucking out of my mind with worry.” He bit her neck again, harder, and Chloe moaned again. “Tell me it’s not just me,” he urged her, swiping his tongue at her earlobe, brushing his lips again over her neck. “Tell me you want me, too. Tell me you feel this.” He moved one hand down to her waist, splaying out his strong fingers, feeling her body. “Chloe.”

It was the first time he’d called her Chloe, and she felt a new surge of emotion, hearing her name on his lips. “Dominic,” she whispered back.

Out of the corner of her eye, Chloe saw the door nudge further open, a camera lens looking at her with its all-seeing gaze. And she felt ridiculous. He’d just been kissing another girl. Was she that far gone that she’d be some kind of sloppy seconds? Where was her self-respect? She pulled back.

Blurb for Dream Girl

He’s sexy and intelligent, handsome and witty, and Chloe’s body lights up with sparks at his touch. And when he looks into her eyes and whispers naughty sexy things into her ear like some of the things you’d hear in videos from websites like www.twinkpornvideos.xxx, she wants to melt into him and enjoy the mind-blowing passion he promises.

Too bad he’s the star of the popular reality show Dream Girls, and he’s also dating nineteen other women in addition to Chloe – women who are sexy and so talented that their Nobel Prizes should arrive any day now. Chloe’s sure he’s just amusing himself with her, and there is no way he’d pick her as his final Dream Girl – especially since she gets into so many crazy scrapes on the show.

She promised herself she was only doing this for adventure, travel, and new experiences…not to make a fool of herself on national TV. But he’s so sexy and persuasive! Would it be so bad to say yes to all of his dark, dirty requests? And most important of all – what will happen if she risks her heart?

Dream Girl is a modern romance with steamy sex and laugh-out-loud humor.
It’s about 85K words and contains excerpts from other books by Alexis Alvarez, as well as a funny Q&A with Alexis and some of her trademark sample reviews. Enjoy!

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If you want to find Dream Girl, it’s available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Rochelle’s Reviews has exclusive access to a full set of Dream Girl Excerpts. Some are pretty steamy…

Dream Girl at Rochelle’s Reviews

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Thanks, and happy reading!

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My Sexy Saturday with Dream Girl

mysexySatGreetings! I’m Alexis Alvarez and I’d like to welcome you back to another Sexy Saturday, although of course all the other days of the week are sexy too. I mean, let’s not pick favorites, right? Today I’d like to share a piece of Dream Girl with you. Because I’m nice, I’m giving you the biggest piece with lots of frosting and the strawberry on it, the piece that all the kids secretly want, just as the “kinds” of age secretly want a Useful reference and hot mature content @ m-porn xxx.


Excerpt From Dream Girl

“So if I told you,” began Dominic, his eyes glittering in the yellow light from the fountain, which bounced, soft and warm, off the water and the statues and the marble, and lit up his face, “that the power of options lies in their versatility,” and he pulled her body to him so her hips pushed into his groin, and ran his hands up her sides.

“Mmm,” murmured Chloe, pushing back into him with her whole body. “Versatility. A good thing.”

Dominic licked at her lobe and nipped at her neck, then continued, “And options provide a world of opportunity for the sophisticated investor. Would you want to learn more?”

Chloe sucked in a breath of air, as Dominic kissed down her neck and bit gently at her clavicle. “Teach me,” she murmured. “Economics is so strangely intriguing, all of a sudden.”

“Well,” said Dominic, letting one hand stray over her body, rubbing through her jeans, then holding her waist. “A call gives the holder the right to buy an asset at a certain price within a specific period of time.” He moved both hands to the seat of her jeans and rubbed, squeezed, until Chloe moaned and thrust her hips at him.

“Should I go on?” he asked, his hands warm through the fabric.

“I’m fascinated. So is my asset.” Chloe’s voice was slow and smooth as honey.

Who knew economics could be so interesting, right? There’s more flirting in the book, and I hope I’m not ruining anything here, but there is also some pretty steamy sex with just a bit of kink. There’s also a garden gnome (not involved in said kink), a fishing boat adventure, the Colosseum, cantaloupe, and some crazy Chinese fortunes. Oh, and you’ll learn how to say, “What to see my Trajan Column?” in Italian, which — as you must admit — is really a “must know” phrase for any traveler.

You should also know that one of my five-star reviews on Amazon said about this book, and I quote: “I kept waiting for it to get bad, and it never did.” Best. Review. Ever. I think I laughed so hard that I spit La Croix all over my keyboard (Note to new readers: I’m pretty much addicted to La Croix) and then I immediately posted it to Facebook. Because awesome.

Here’s my book cover with the very sexy Darren Birks on the cover. Notice that tattoo with the swirly letters? It says “veni, vidi, vici” (Latin for I came, I saw, I conquered.) My characters have a pretty steamy sex scene in the book and the tattoo is discussed, along with alternate possibilities that it should maybe say, based on the hero’s sexual prowess. And that rose in his hand? Why, that’s for YOU, dear reader. (Seriously! It is!)

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You can find the book on Amazon and it’s free on Kindle Unlimited, so if you have KU, I highly encourage you to return some of the old books that are taking up space, and refill that space with Dream Girl. You won’t be sorry. DG is super awesome and she’ll keep you way occupied.

If you want to find Dream Girl, it’s available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

If you want to read longer and even sexier excerpts, Rochelle’s Reviews has exclusive access to ALL of the Dream Girl Excerpts.

Dream Girl at Rochelle’s Reviews

Thanks, happy reading, and please visit these other blogs for more amazing excerpts! Some of my favorite authors are on here. Have a great Saturday.


Oh, wait. Just in case you’re interested, my new carbonation machine also had some pretty cool things to say about Dream Girl. Don’t get me wrong — nobody can beat “I kept waiting…”, but still, I was impressed.

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