Julian is back this fall!



by Maria Monroe



I’m so excited to let you know that the second (and final) book in the Julian series is coming this fall! The exact date will be announced soon. For now, enjoy this sneak peek at what’s in store for Julian and Lia.

book maria 1

If you haven’t read Book 1, JULIAN & LIA, read it now. It’s a sexy college romance novel about an innocent freshman and a cocky bad-boy senior. Enjoy!




Sneak Peek Sunday ~ Julian & Lia


Hi! It’s Maria Monroe here! My (real life, and really cool and awesome and amazing!) sister Alexis Alvarez introduced me to Sneak Peek Sunday, which is a chance for readers to get a peek at exactly 6 paragraphs of an author’s book. I’m choosing to share one of my favorite sections from my sexy college novel JULIAN & LIA, a book about what happens when innocent freshman Lia meets bad-boy college senior Julian.

At first, she’s sure he’s out of her league, but when they come to an arrangement for him to give her “lessons,” things heat up fast! Continue reading