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jennifer portrait2Alexis Alvarez writes romances that  delve into the exotic world of domination and submission.  Her female heroines are strong-willed women who are never push-overs, and who can hold their own in society and the workplace, but who are intrigued with the idea of  kink and submission in the bedroom.  Alexis  writes with  skill and poetry, creating  worlds that are both dark and erotic and, at times, humorous and light.

Alexis is a writer, photographer, gourmet cook, former engineer, and mom.  She likes other things besides BDSM fiction, and some of them include snorkeling, lemon bars, thunderstorms, and laughing so hard with her sisters and brother that her stomach hurts.


Five fun facts about Alexis:

1.  She has floated in the Dead Sea in Israel, and escaped from a hotel fire in Riga, Latvia.

2.  She once drove with her sister Adrienne all night from Phoenix to San Diego on a whim  just to see the beach and the sunset.

3.  She took a Greyhound bus cross-country from Florida to Arizona one time because she was afraid to fly, and had some of the weirdest encounters of her entire life on that bus.

4.  She’s an expert at making life-size paper dolls and realistic Shopkins furniture with her daughter.

5.  As a child, she once threw up on a spinny ride at a carnival in Wisconsin (so sorry, Maria!) and hasn’t been able to even look at a spinny ride since then. Roller-coasters are fine, though.


P.S. – Adrienne, cows are completely not scary! Seriously? Are you not the girl who used to cheerfully wade through Florida swamps, saying, “Oh, don’t worry about that alligator, that kind of grunt is just a warning.”

P.P.S. – I think Maria should send me a batch of her chocolate chip cookies, like, today. Just so I can verify her claim that they’re the best.  Maybe two boxes.

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