Her Alien Prince

Maria Monroe’s latest naughty novel is about a sexy and dominant alien prince who brings a human girl back to his planet to serve as an ambassador. But that’s not all he wants from her, and soon she finds herself equally embarrassed and turned on by his strict punishments. External pressures, however, are pushing them apart, even as their attraction for one another grows. Are they destined to be apart, living on separate planets?



And then we’re back in the hovercraft heading to his house, sitting close enough that his thigh brushes against mine ever few seconds, and a not entirely unwelcome tingle tickles my insides when it does.

I try to stifle a yawn, but it’s impossible, and I cover my mouth with my hand. “Sorry.”

“It’s understandable. You’ve had a very busy day today.”

“Yes.” I nod. “I’m so tired.”

I see what almost looks like sympathy in his eyes. “I’ll let you go straight to bed when we are back at my house.”

“Oh, you’ll let me? Thanks so much.” I can’t help the sarcasm that fills my voice.

“Andi.” There’s warning in his voice.

I know I should apologize, but his steadfast orneriness is getting old. Instead I simply shrug.

“Do you need a reminder to behave?”

“If I say no, you’ll do it anyway. So why are you even asking me?” Oh, crap. I know I’m heading into trouble, but I can’t help myself. I look at his face to see his reaction, and his eyes narrow slightly, glinting with anger and, I think, a dash of desire.

“Over my lap. Now.” His voice is low and demanding, and leaves no room for argument.

My heart lurches as my pussy clenches. “Wait. I’m sorry.” I know it’s too late, but I suddenly realize what I’ve gotten myself into. I mean, I saw it coming, but now that another spanking is imminent, I wish I could backtrack.

“You will be, Andi. And sorrier still if you don’t get over here right now.” He pats his muscled thighs. “I won’t spank you too hard since you were already punished tonight. I’ll check your bottom first to see how red it is.”

Thanks, I think sarcastically, but I have enough sense not to say it out loud. I need to think before I speak. Slowly, unable to believe this is happening again, I crawl up onto the seat of the hovercraft and arrange myself over his lap, my face burning with shame, and my body trembling in anticipation.

“Lift up,” he says, gently patting my hips.

I raise my ass into the air, and he pulls my dress up, revealing my panties, which he quickly pulls down.

“Oh,” I moan in embarrassment. There’s nothing quite like lying over someone’s lap with your dress up and panties down. Nothing quite like knowing that, in just a few moments, you’ll be at his mercy as he punishes you as hard or as easy as he decides to do it. To know you have no choice in the matter. My heart pounds, and I have to fight the urge not to reach back and cover myself.

He runs his huge hand over my ass slowly. He mutters something I can’t quite make out, and a light turns on. I guess he’s examining me, seeing if I’ve healed up enough since earlier today to take another spanking.

“You’re still very pink,” he finally says. “So I will only give you a light reminder spanking. But, I’ve found something else that’s effective in making naughty girls remember to behave. It doesn’t involve spanking, but I’ve been told it’s even more humiliating.”

My heart sinks. What could he possibly be talking about?

He reaches to a little compartment and waves his hand in front of it so it opens. Then he pulls out a small bottle.

“Let’s see.” His fingers explore between my cheeks, pulling them apart with one hand while a finger from his other hand runs along the sensitive skin between my bottom cheeks, stopping just at the tight hole in my bottom.

I moan as he presses lightly into it. I feel a liquidy substance drop onto my flesh, and then his finger is back, rubbing the lotion and pushing his thick finger into my anus.

“Oh. No!” I exclaim, wriggling on his lap. He cannot be doing this!

“Andi. You are to lie still and take your punishment.” He pushes his finger farther into my bottom.

I squeal. “I don’t like it, Talon! Please!”

His other hand lands a smack on my ass. “You are going to take my finger—my entire finger—all the way in your ass. This will help you remember to behave and not to talk back to me.”

“But I’m sorry. I promise I’ll be good!”

My pleas fall on deaf ears, because he pulls his finger out just slightly before sliding it in even deeper.

I moan in embarrassment and pain. With his finger halfway inside my ass, he lightly spanks me with his other hand, and every time I clench, I feel him penetrating me. It’s humiliating and it’s painful. And yet there it is, that tingling between my legs, the pulsing in my clit. I don’t understand what’s happening to me, but something about this is clearly turning me on, even though I wish it wasn’t happening.

* * * *

HER ALIEN PRINCE, available on Amazon.com.