Poor Daisy Punished

Hey, it’s Maria Monroe here! For Wip it Up Wednesday, I’m sharing a snippet from my latest release from Stormy Night Publications: Reformed by the Millionaire. In this section, our hero’s brother Steven saved Daisy’s life when she almost stepped out into traffic because she wasn’t paying attention. Now Victor’s going to punish her for putting her life in danger…


Victor stood and walked around his desk, standing in front of it and glaring at Daisy. “I have enough to worry about here at work without having to be concerned my assistant doesn’t know how to cross the street safely!” His voice was a low rumble. Quiet but angry.

“I told you, it’s not a big deal!” Daisy felt like stamping her foot, but she knew that would only make her look like a child.

“Shut the door, Daisy.”

“But I…”


“Yes, Sir.” She knew, without him saying it, what was going to happen to her. Right here in the office.

“Bro, I’ll see you later.” Steven headed to the door.

“You can stay if you’d like.” Victor looked at his brother. “I need to teach Daisy a lesson, and the humiliation of having a witness might make more of an impact. What do you think about that, Daisy?” He turned to her now, eyes blazing.

“No! Please! I don’t want Steven to watch.” Being spanked with her panties down was embarrassing enough without someone else in the room. She couldn’t imagine another person sitting there, watching her be punished, like it was some sort of entertainment.

“Close the door,” repeated Victor.

As Daisy trudged to the door to close it, Victor continued. “Steven and I have had many experiences spanking naughty girls together. I don’t want Steven to touch you or spank you. But I think having him present for your punishment, since you already involved him with your carelessness, is fair. Don’t you, Daisy?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her heart began to thump.

“Yes, what? What do you think is fair?” Victor demanded.

“I think it’s fair for Steven to watch me be, um, punished.” She could barely get the words out.

“Ask him to stay.”

No! But she turned to him, her cheeks blazing, and said, “Steven, would you please stay and watch me be spanked?”

Steven raised an eyebrow at her and grinned. “My pleasure. Thanks for the invitation.” With that he winked, increasing Daisy’s embarrassment. He headed to the liquor cabinet in the corner and poured himself a drink while Victor rummaged around in his desk, finally producing a wooden ruler.

“I always wondered why I was given a ruler. Who uses these in my line of work? But now? I’m glad it’s here.” He smacked it gently against his palm.

“No, Sir, please…” began Daisy.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Victor approached her, holding the ruler in one hand while he gently touched her cheek with the other. His eyes were dark green and intense as he stared at her, one corner of his mouth turned up in a half-grin. “I’ll get your bottom warmed up with my hand before I use the ruler on you.”

She wanted to roll her eyes at him and say, sarcastically, thanks. But she knew that would only make things worse.

“Well, it’s already late. Let’s get started. I’d like you bend over the table where you do your work, please, Daisy, facing my brother.”

“Yes, Sir.” She did as she was told, glancing at Steven, who sat holding his drink on the couch and staring at her, his lips parted into a smile. Her upper body was against the wood surface, and Victor nudged her feet farther apart.

“Let’s get your legs spread nice and wide,” he said. “I’m going to start your warmup over your skirt. Are you ready?”


“Good.” He placed his wide-open palm on her ass and held it there for a moment before beginning.