The Rescue – Super Sexy Pretty New Cover!





Here it is! I’m thrilled to show you the brand new cover for The Rescue! It’s pretty and sexy and words don’t do it justice. Check it out:

The Rescue



















I entered a contest sponsored by Books Go Social to win a custom book cover, and I was surprised and thrilled when I won! Laurence O’Brien at Books Go Social, who is a very inspirational and helpful guy, put me in touch with Debbie at The Cover Collection to begin the process of creating my new cover.

I decided I’d like a new cover for my first novel, The Rescue. The one I had was sexy, but I really wanted a cover that stood out, that reflected the softer sides of my book as well as the kinkier parts.


The process was very straightforward, and working with Debbie was a breeze. She is so professional, knows a lot about my genre, and is intelligent and creative. I highly recommend The Cover Collection and plan to use them again.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. I sent an email to her with a summary of my book, including descriptions of the main characters, the setting of the novel, and other details that stood out to me. I mentioned there’s a rescue dog that is important to the main female character, and she was savvy enough to point out that putting an animal on the cover of a romance novel might confuse people into thinking it’s a shifter novel, which it’s not. (I told you she knows the genre! And she’s super savvy!)
  2. She sent me a link to a bunch of images, including sexy men and women as well as sunset photos. (I didn’t mention the sunset, which IS important in the book, or the lake where the characters spend some time. Which makes me think she read the book, although she certainly didn’t have to. Extra points!!) I chose some images that “spoke to” me, and she went to work.
  3. Within a few days, she sent me a few sample covers using the photos I’d chosen. Let me say this: I was AMAZED. It was hard to choose the ones I liked best because they were all so good. When I narrowed it down to my favorite, I chose the font from a different cover, and a different placement of my name, and a few minor details I wanted changed to the photos. At this time, she told me that she would make as many changes as I wanted until I was totally satisfied. And she did. She was patient, and when I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted, she helped me choose and offered suggestions as well as a few different mock-ups so I could get a better idea.
  4. Finally, she presented me with the final cover, and I am beyond thrilled. I think the new cover is not only sexy, but beautiful as well, and it reflects the story so well.


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Maria Monroe