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Dream Girl Cover Alvarez for Amazon Upload WEBGreetings! I’m Alexis Alvarez, and I’m excited to bring you my brand new release, Dream Girl!

It’s a steamy, fun romance with some smokin’ sex and some laugh-out-loud humor.  It’s on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

The reason this post is titled “WIP It Up Wednesday” is because it’s a blog hop – multiple authors link together to share snippets from their works in progress. After you read my excerpt, you will see the links to all of the other participants, who also have some steamy & enticing scenes for you.

Excerpt from Dream Girl

Chloe is interviewing for a reality dating show called Dream Girls, and she accidentally meets the start of the show while she’s signing her contract.  Sparks fly in more ways than one as he reminds her of her brash assertion that she’s only on the show for free travel, not love…and she reminds him that she thinks he’ll be a “tool” (sort of a jerk) like previous Dream Girls bachelors.

“So what’s the situation with him?” Chloe inquired, pointing a barely shaking finger toward the doorway. “I thought he was the boss. Who takes orders from whom?” She took a deep breath.

Dominic’s eyes darted away from hers. “It’s complicated,” he responded in a low voice, then looked back to her face. “But as far as you’re concerned, the one giving orders will be me.” He smiled at her, but his eyes were fierce, locked onto hers. Right now, even though it went against every feminist thought in her body, she wanted nothing more than to melt into his arms and agree to any orders he imposed. She wanted to tease him and drive him crazy. She wanted his eyes to light up with lust and desire.

Where did those images come from? She wasn’t even going to kiss this arrogant man, even though he’d just white-knighted the hell out of her. He was too sure of himself. And there were going to be so many other women on the show for him to tease and flirt with and—pick as his soul mate. His Dream Girl. Women, she suddenly thought with a pang of unease, who were—according to the bitchy receptionist—much prettier and younger than she.

“I don’t know about that,” she said, raising her chin and looking down her nose at him, trying to squelch her self-doubt. “I can be pretty demanding. And I may leave if I get bored.”

“Well, if I don’t keep picking you each week, you definitely won’t stay on the show,” he retorted, crossing his arms and leaning back against the doorjamb with an easy smile. “So you’d do well to please me, Chloe.” His voice was warm and low.

“Mmmm…” said Chloe, as if thinking. “I think you’ll be dying to please me, actually. I usually get what I want.”

“Well, thanks for the heads-up,” said Dominic casually. “Hope you don’t feel the need to pocket any of the knick-knacks in the Dream House, though, since you’ve mentioned already that you’re here for the freebies.”

Chloe tried to think of a comeback, but Dominic added, “Oh, and Trip? I usually get what I want, too. And I think we already discussed what I want from you, last time we met.” He winked at her.

The door opened again, revealing Kyle’s frown. “Dominic, let’s go. We are going to sign your contract immediately. From now on, unless you have my go-ahead and the camera crew, you don’t set eyes on the contestants before the show starts. Your contract has certain rules and obligations that I expect you to fulfill.” He sniffed and jerked his neck.

Chloe made a kind of growling noise and started to respond, but was interrupted by her lawyer Ian, whose smooth voice held a smile. “Chloe, I’m ready when you are.” His briefcase snapped shut and he stood up.

“Right now,” answered Chloe, grabbing at her purse and looping it over her shoulder. She stuck her hand out in Dominic’s direction. “Until we meet again,” she said to him with a sweet smile.

Dominic moved forward and took her hand, once again holding it in both of his. Then he bent down to whisper a few inches from her ear, “I look forward to it.”

Chloe’s breath caught in her throat and her pulse skipped. She touched a hand to her cheek without thinking, and bit her pinky fingernail. Dominic lifted one hand and put it on top of hers. Now both of their hands were on her cheek, and her breath hitched again at the pressure. His eyes were dark, his gaze sure. He rubbed his thumb gently over her pinky, so close to her lips, the warmth of his hand making her burn inside. She could not for the life of her think of any retort, witty or otherwise.

He removed his hand slowly and took a step back. “See you around, Trip Advisor. Enjoy the free flight out to L.A. Don’t forget to ask for extra peanuts.” He raised his eyebrow and smirked at her. “Maybe you can snag a few extra issues of the in-flight magazine and really make your day complete.”

Chloe bristled, her mind once again functional. “Wow, Tools. You are really hammering that joke home, aren’t you? Hope I don’t wrench my back laughing at your riveting wit.”

Kyle’s face had a sly smile as he took in their interchange, although his body language was still tense, and he turned and gestured abruptly and strode from the room. Dominic laughed as he followed Kyle, shaking his head, and Chloe wasn’t sure whether she was more irritated, aroused, or some strange mix of both.

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  1. Hang on while I oggle those pics of Darren for a moment longer.
    Okay, whew… what a hottie!
    Welcome to Wipitup Alexis, it’s wonderful having you and you newest release here with us. I found the excerpt quite tantalizing. I don’t watch to many reality TV shows, but have caught glimpses of some while my daughter watches them. The locations and houses they put these people up in are freaking gorgeous and I would be just like Chole, wanting to go regardless the guy, I just wanna stay there for a few days. LOL
    Although, I must admit Dominic is rather hot and I love when he tells her right from the start he’s the one giving the orders.

  2. Hi Alexis, I agree, he is hot! Love the premise and enjoyed the excerpt and banter between them. So much great tension there. Congratulations on the new release!


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