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scintillating sundayGreetings! I’m Alexis Alvarez, and thanks for visiting my blog! Today I’m participating in a brand new blog hop called Scintillating Sunday.  A bunch of romance authors link together to share snippets from a recent work…as long as it’s scintillating, and as long as it’s 8: 8 words, 8 sentences, or 8 paragraphs.  I’m going with 8 paragraphs because I’m chatty that way.   Here’s an excerpt from my new release, Dream Girl, which is a steamy, sexy romance novel with laugh-out-loud humor.  It also just a sprinkle of kink and a few consensual, sexy spankings.


Chloe meets a sexy stranger while she’s waiting to interview for a reality TV dating show.  She mocks the show and tells him she’s only applying for travel and interesting opportunities, then finds out that —  surprise! — he’s the bachelor who will star on the show.

Excerpt from Dream Girl

“Interesting opportunities?” He drawled it out, sounding sexy and dirty, and suddenly Chloe could think of nothing but what an opportunity would be like with Dominic. “Oh, that’s right. You did mention an affair, didn’t you?” His smile was intense. He looked her up and down.

“I said a fling,” Chloe shot back. “And that doesn’t mean I’m a slut. The last thing I planned to do was come on this show and sleep with someone, okay? I was thinking some flirtation. Maybe a few kisses before I got booted off. But believe me, I’m not going to throw myself at you.”

Dominic’s lips curled into another smile. “Why would you think you’d get kicked off after a few kisses? Are you that bad at kissing?”

Chloe made an unintelligible noise. “That’s not—I’m an excellent kisser. I just mean that I don’t actually expect to make it onto the show, and—you know, this is not really any of your business.” She could feel her face all hot and flushed as she looked at his lips, then back to his eyes, then at the floor.

Dominic mused in a low voice, “Seeing as how you’re a contestant for my show… wouldn’t that make it my business?”

“No,” she said haughtily. “Because I’m not planning to kiss you. You’re being a total arrogant rude… jerk. And I don’t kiss jerks.”

“I think you want to kiss me a hell of a lot more than you’re willing to admit.” His eyes locked onto hers and for a moment Chloe could see nothing but her desire reflecting from the dark depths of his pupils.

“Maybe we should do a test run,” he murmured, his smile wicked. “Just to see how bad you really are. I’d be happy to give you some pointers.” And for one crazy moment, as his face drifted closer, she almost thought—

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