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Greetings! I’m Alexis Alvarez and I’m joining this week’s Sat Spanks blog hop with an excerpt from my brand new release, Dream Girl. Ever wanted to know what really happens on the Bachelor TV show? Or what should happen…if the whole thing were scripted by a romance/erotica author who likes a bit of spanky fun?  Keep reading to find out…and then please visit the other authors who are participating in the blog hop as well (list is at the end of this post.)

Excerpt from Dream Girl

“Put your hands over your head, like before,” Dominic demanded, and licked a line down her belly to her mound. “And keep them there.”

Chloe reached up and grabbed her own hair, needing to fist something, and lifted her hips up to his mouth. “Dominic.”

Instead of doing what she expected, though, he licked her inner thigh and pushed her legs apart, urging her, “Like this, Chloe.”

She acquiesced, getting into the position he wanted, and then her hips shot up again when he inserted a finger deeply into her body, stroking and gliding to touch her G-spot.

“Lie still,” he told her sternly, “Because guess what?”

“What?” Chloe’s voice was breathy.

“If you move too much while I do this,” and he stroked his finger back and forth, making her quiver and moan and writhe into his hand, “I’m going to stop touching you and spank your ass until you behave.”

Chloe gasped out loud and her eyes sought his, questioning, and he smiled at her expression.

“Relax,” he drawled, pushing at her shoulder until she settled back down, eyeing him warily, “you’ll like it when I do.” He raised one eyebrow. “Trust me?”

So obviously, this is one of the “behind the scenes” parts of the book, the stuff that doesn’t get covered on TV. And it just gets better from here!

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You can buy Dream Girl or read it free on Kindle Unlimited here:

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If you want to read longer and even sexier excerpts, Rochelle’s Reviews has exclusive access to ALL of the Dream Girl Excerpts.

Dream Girl at Rochelle’s Reviews

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Here are the other authors participation in this blog hop.

Thanks for your time, and happy reading!

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