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www_3Greetings, readers and authors! I’m Alexis Alvarez, a writer of romance and erotic fiction. This post is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors, a group of writers who link together to share snippets from their work. We are asked to share no more than 10 sentences, so please enjoy the tantalizing excerpt below! My book is Erotica (ER), and the excerpt below is explicit. Don’t forget to visit the Weekend Writing Warriors site so you can visit the other talented authors.


(fyi- he removes the thorns from the bunch of roses before he introduces them to her backside…)

Excerpt from Return

Damián flicked the vibrator off and dropped it beside her on the bed, then he picked up the bouquet of roses. He sat beside her and Ava turned her head to look. He tapped the roses against his palm as he’d done earlier, and Ava’s eyes widened. “Now that you’re warmed up,” he told her, taking her chin firmly and looking into her eyes, “it’s time.” He slapped the roses into his palm harder, freeing a few petals.

“What are you going to do?” Ava’s body tensed.

“I’m going to whip you with these roses,” he told her in a low voice. “Tell me if it gets to be too much.” He ran the bouquet slowly over her skin; she jerked, then relaxed at the soft strokes. “And,” he added, “if it’s not enough punishment?…I expect you to be honest about that as well.”

~ End of Excerpt ~

Return is poetic, dark, sexy and gritty, and has bright moments of humor. In addition to lots of smokin’ hot sex (so much so that it could even rival an adult website like https://www.collegeporn.xxx/ in the erotic stakes) it includes references to The Butterfly Effect, why it’s good to volunteer at soup kitchens, kopi luwak coffee (coffee that has been pooped out by little animals in Bali and Indonesia), and whether it would be a good idea to entice an owl by showing it a frozen dead mouse on a string. I like to make my books interesting and intelligent as well as sexy, so — for the lit majors among you — there are leitmotivs in there, too. But I think a lot of people find the sex scenes to be their favorite parts. 😉

Publisher’s Note: Return contains detailed sex scenes, as well as elements of consensual BDSM, including spanking, bondage and anal play.

You can find it on Amazon, free on Kindle Unlimited: Return

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Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time! Happy reading.

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