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Greetings! I’m Alexis Alvarez, a romance and erotica author, and today I’m happy to welcome you to this blog hop. In the Weekend Writing Warriors hop, authors of various genres link together to share 10 sentences from a new or upcoming release. Note the letters in parentheses after the title; mine has RO for “Romance” and ER for “Erotica.” What does that mean? If you keep reading, you just might encounter some steamy sex and the promise of an HEA. 😉 You can also click on this link, Weekend Writing Warriors, to find all of the other authors who are participating — you may find more books to add to your “must read” list.

Dream Girl Cover Alvarez for Amazon Upload WEB2Today I’m sharing the cover and a snippet from my brand new novel Dream Girl, which will release on Sept 1 into Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Excerpt from Dream Girl ~ Releasing Sept 1st

“Like what you see?” Her voice came out husky.

“Damn straight.” He sat down on the bed, legs spread, and leaned back on his elbows, and Chloe let her eyes dart over the cut muscles in his stomach, which rippled as he moved.

“Pants.” His eyes were dark.

Chloe felt a smile tugging at her lips, and she deliberately unbuttoned her pants and stepped out of them.

“Nice,” he murmured, his body taut, his face focused on hers. “Now the bra.”

Chloe sucked in her breath, feeling her nipples peak under the lacy fabric. “Um…”

He smiled a dangerous grin and murmured, “Didn’t you say you wanted to play my game?”

If you want to read some longer, steamier excerpts, please follow the link to Rochelle’s Reviews, where they’ve posted an exclusive set of longer excerpts from Dream Girl.

Blurb for Dream Girl

He’s sexy and intelligent, handsome and witty just like some hot men from youngsexer.com… and Chloe’s body lights up with sparks at his touch. And when he looks into her eyes and whispers naughty sexy things into her ear, she wants to melt into him and enjoy the mind-blowing passion he promises.

Too bad he’s the star of the popular reality show Dream Girls, and he’s also dating nineteen other women in addition to Chloe — women who are sexy and so talented that their Nobel Prizes should arrive any day now. Chloe’s sure he’s just amusing himself with her, and there is no way he’d pick her as his final Dream Girl — especially since she gets into so many crazy scrapes on the show.

She promised herself she was only doing this for adventure, travel, and new experiences…not to make a fool of herself on national TV. But he’s so sexy and persuasive! Would it be so bad to say yes to all of his dark, dirty requests? Just like the kinds you’d see in bitchtopia.com stories! And most important of all — what will happen if she risks her heart?

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Thanks for reading. While you’re waiting for Dream Girl to release, please feel free to check out my BSDM/erotica novel called Return, which is a 110K word story with sexy, consensual BDSM and an HEA. I also have two very short steamy stories as well. Just click on the pictures to find the books on Amazon. Everything I write is free with Kindle Unlimited. Have a great weekend!

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Do you like the model on the cover of Dream Girl? So do I. He’s Darren Birks, from Darren Birks Photography, and you can find out more about him and how to license his photos for your own novel at his website.

Thanks for joining me, and happy reading!

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