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Hi! It’s Maria Monroe here! My (real life, and really cool and awesome and amazing!) sister Alexis Alvarez introduced me to Sneak Peek Sunday, which is a chance for readers to get a peek at exactly 6 paragraphs of an author’s book. I’m choosing to share one of my favorite sections from my sexy college novel JULIAN & LIA, a book about what happens when innocent freshman Lia meets bad-boy college senior Julian.

At first, she’s sure he’s out of her league, but when they come to an arrangement for him to give her “lessons,” things heat up fast!

This is a scene from early in the book, when Lia is visiting her friend Vanessa’s apartment and she decides to take a “sneak peek” (Ha! See what I did there?) into Julian’s bedroom:

~ ~ ~

I wish she hadn’t brought him up, because the minute I hear his name, I can’t stop thinking about our kiss the other night. When Vanessa gets up to use the bathroom, I get up too and pretend to be looking around, but really what I want is a glimpse inside Julian’s room. I walk to the open doorway and peek inside. His room is neater than I expected it to be; of course, I’ve never seen a guy’s bedroom before, except for the quick glimpses I catch through open doors when I walk down my dorm hallway. His bed, while not neatly made, at least has the comforter spread on top, a plain navy blue covering with matching pillowcases. I try to imagine him in the bed, sleeping there, and have to look away out of embarrassment and a growing desire inside of me, something that I can’t allow myself to feel. First because I’m sure Julian thinks I’m too young for him, and second because I couldn’t do that to Vanessa.

On the wall there’s a Jimi Hendrix poster, a Lalapalooza poster from a few years ago, and a sign that reads, “I’m silently correcting your grammar.” That sign makes me think, preposterously and inappropriately, if that applies to when he’s having sex, and I blush hard.

“If you’re looking for my porn collection, it’s in the closet.”

I whirl around to see Julian leaning casually against the living room wall, his hood up, his hands shoved in his hoodie pockets.

I open my mouth, but no sound at all comes out. He stares at me, his face cocky, one eyebrow raised, and those green eyes looking directly into mine like a challenge.










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  1. Oh, Sexy sexy! I LOVED this book, Maria. You write like a sexy rockstar dream. 🙂 -Alexis

  2. I totally saw “what you did there.” You little minx. Seriously, love this book! – Alexis

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