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Dream Girl Cover Alvarez for Amazon Upload WEB2“No. Not like that. I mean, you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Greetings! I’m Alexis Alvarez and I’m excited to bring you the cover for my new novel, Dream Girl, which will release Sept.1st on Amazon. It’s a light-hearted romance with steamy sex and laugh-out-loud humor.  In this blog hop, Six of the Best, authors link together to share six enticing paragraphs.  Here’s mine.

Blurb for Dream Girl, Releasing Sept. 1st

He’s sexy and intelligent, handsome and witty… and Chloe’s body lights up with sparks at his touch. And when he looks into her eyes and whispers naughty sexy things into her ear, she wants to melt into him and enjoy the mind-blowing passion he promises.

Too bad he’s the star of the popular reality show Dream Girls, and he’s also dating nineteen other girls in addition to Chloe — girls who are sexy and so talented that their Nobel Prizes should arrive any day now. Chloe’s sure he’s just amusing himself with her, and there is no way he’d pick her as his final Dream Girl — especially since she gets into so many crazy scrapes on the show.

She promised herself she was only doing this for adventure, travel, and new experiences…not to make a fool of herself on national TV. But he’s so sexy and persuasive! Would it be so bad to say yes to all of his dark, dirty requests? And most important of all — what will happen if she risks her heart?

Excerpt for Dream Girl

“You like that?” he murmured, and ran his fingertips over the other nipple, teasing and touching, until Chloe made little moaning noises in her throat.

“Yes, God, it’s—oh,” she called out, as he pinched the nipple between his fingers and rolled it. The spike of pain wasn’t intense, but it shot a signal directly to her clit, making her writhe under his touch.

“Dominic, I, mmm,” was all she could manage, when he repeated it on the other side, and then smoothed his palm all the way down her belly to let his fingers stray under her yoga pants.

“Spread your legs a little more,” he urged her, and Chloe obeyed, and cried out softly as his fingers rubbed down her body and dipped inside. He reached two fingers up and stroked inside below her pubic bone, then let his thumb brush over her clit.

Chloe whimpered and bucked her hips, and he bit her neck, continuing to tease her. “You’re so wet,” he said, his voice rough with pleasure. “Fuck. Spread wider, Chloe. Feet flat on the bed, knees up. Yeah, like that.”

Chloe shivered at the hard language and his increasingly masterful tone. She moved her hands to grab at him, but he shook his head. “No. Hands stay there. I’ll tell you when to move them.”

Dream Girl Cover Alvarez for Amazon Upload WEB

I can’t wait to share Dream Girl with all of you!  The sexy man on the cover is none other than Darren Birks from Darren Birks Photography. Want to know something cool?  Darren did that pose with the shirt and the rose just for me…and for YOU all, of course.  Because this is what all of the TV show bachelors should really look like in order to match the fantasy we all have of utter male perfection!   If you want to see more of Darren, and I totally understand if you do, you can visit his website (just click on his name.)

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It’s important for the star of a dating show to be intelligent, witty, kind and powerful in addition to having a six-pack from Heaven and a 5% body-fat torso that could rival that of anything sculpted during the Renaissance in Italy.  He needs to be sexy, a little dangerous, and irresistibly appealing…

dream girls ad for blogIf you want to read more about love on TV done right, please stop back and get Dream Girl when it goes live on Sept 1st! It will be on Amazon and you can also get it through the Kindle Unlimited Program. Thanks.

If you want to read more about Dream Girl, visit  Rochelle’s Reviews for some really long excerpts! **

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Please visit the other authors in this blog hop for more sets of six.

Happy Reading!

** “That’s what she said.” **

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  1. Great excerpt, Alexis. Dominic and Chloe appear to be very well matched. She’s a stronger woman than I am. I’d have a problem being with a man who I knew was seeing nineteen other women, though it’s a great premise.

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