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Hi! I’m Alexis Alvarez, a writer of erotic fiction and romances. I enjoy all types of pleasure and thoroughly enjoy anything kinky! If I’m not writing, I probably looking to check out nasty adult videos for inspiration of some sort. Welcome to my SatSpanks post! I’ve included some spanky fun from my novel Return. Please enjoy the read.


Ava bases hReturn cover rev 1er the hero of her debut BDSM novel on her secret crush, sexy fitness trainer Damian. She figures he’ll never read an erotic romance book, and the kinky sex is more than enough disguise. But when Damian discovers that he’s the main character in her book, he demands payback — he tells Ava that she’s going to act out every single spanking and punishment in her novel….with him as the real-life dom!

The passion between them is off-the-charts hot, and Ava uncovers a new love for spanking and bedroom submission. Each night with Damian ignites her senses and teacher her about the incredible high that only the mixture of pain and pleasure can bring.

But she wants more than his body; she wants his love. Is it even possible for the two of them to work through the miscommunications and mistrust to get there?

Here’s a small snippet from the novel Return:

His voice was low and seductive, speaking between the slaps. “I told you twelve weeks of punishment.”

“And pleasure!” Ava was quick to point out.

“Yes, that, too… after.”

Ava felt her lower cheeks burning, and each new slap stung fresh and sharp, like a newly scraped knee. “Damián, it hurts.”

“Then it’s effective, yes?” he smiled, continuing. “Stop kicking. Keep your arms down.”

“But it stings!” Ava tried to stay still, momentarily feeling panic. She’d agreed to this-knew he wanted it-but she wasn’t sure she could do it.

“I can tie you down,” Damián warned her, and then added softly, “You’re going to take this, Ava. But it’s more fun if you restrain yourself. These are going to be hard. Accept the pain, and let it bring you pleasure. Because I sure as hell am going to enjoy it.”

The book has lots of sexy spankings – Damian is an expert with a crop, paddle, his hand, and even a bouquet of roses. He also teaches Ava a class in Spanish…at least, the kind of phrases that are useful in the bedroom. It’s hot and dark and sweet all at once. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt, and I also hope (of course) that you’re interested in finishing the book! You can find it on Amazon here: Return by Alexis Alvarez.

If you want to read longer excerpts, you can find them here (Sexy foreplay and discussion about her spanking) and here (on Natasha Knight’s blog.)

Want to find more of my work? I have two short-and-sexy stories on Amazon, and new longer works coming soon.

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Thanks, and happy Saturday!

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  1. Great excerpt, Alexis. Looks like Ava and Damian have some way to go before they can trust each other, but I get the feeling he wants her to find pleasure in his punishment as well.

  2. Wow, what an interesting plot. Imagine getting caught and having to pay for it. Too hot!

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